Bose Wave Music System – DAB

Are you in need of a new stereo system? In this article we are going to tell you about a Bose Wave Music System -DAB. This is an audio system, which is not like any other you will find. The advanced technology in the Bose Wave Music System- DAB is a must have system. If this has you interested, please read on and we will tell you all about this music system.

This Bose Wave Music System -DAB has full digit DAB, AM/FM tuning and CD, CD-R/RW and MP3-CD playback. You will soon find out it is the only system you will need at your house. You can play any of your CD's in this stereo or listen to DAB or AM/FM radio stations. You will notice the difference right away. The music that will project from the Bose Wave Music System-DAB will have very clear, crisp sounds. And it all comes from a system no bigger then a shoebox. The Bose Wave DAB module plugs into the Wave Music System, which allows you to gain a wide range of digital broadcasts. The great thing about this is you will not hear all the normal cracking and hissing sounds, you may normally hear with some music systems. You will be able to get about 19 national channels and almost 200 more broadcasting regionally. These reasons alone are enough for you to go out and buy one of these systems.

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The U.S. patented dual-tapered wave-guide technology your Bose WAVE Music System - DAB contains creates clear sound. It also reproduces the highest registers and the lowest resonances with fabulous definition. All of which you would expect over a bigger more expensive stereo system. They were able to achieve this through thirty years of Wave research.

They Bose Wave Music System has a slot loading CD player. And also has MP3 capability's. With just one touch of a button it can tell you what the name of the artist is and the song title is. No more trying to remember the name of the song you are listening to. The great thing is there are not a lot of buttons on this system, you can access everything with a tiny remote no bigger then a credit card.

There are some other features, which makes the Bose Wave Music System a great asset to your house. For example automatic ramping, this will make the volume start out low and softly. Then slowly increases when it is turned on. It also has shielded speakers. This will keep the music from interfering with your televisions and computers. This will allow you to place the system anywhere in the house.

So how much do you think a great system like this will cost you? Over a thousand, no, the Bose Wave Music System-DAB can be purchased for just £599.00. It comes in three colors. Titanium silver, graphite gray and platinum white.
Bose Wave Music System - DAB